FIFA expects the agent regulations to come into force in July 2022

07/21/2021 at 4:45 PM CEST


FIFA hopes that the regulations on agents that it is currently developing will be able to enter into effective July 2022, once the second phase of consultations that it carries out has concluded and the Council of the organization approves it in November or December next.

This was indicated this Wednesday by its head of Legal Affairs, the Spanish Emilio Garcia Silvero during a round table of the Soccerex Forum focused on the FIFA regulatory changes, in which he intervened together with the legal director of FIFPRO, Roy Vermeer, and the lawyer and president of AIAF (International Association of Soccer Lawyers), Patricia Moyersoen.

We hope to have the second draft very soon. The idea is that the FIFA Council approves the new regulations at the end of this year, in November or December, so that it comes into force in July 2022, we are in the final phase, “he said.

García Silvero stressed that “the principles are approved“, with aspects related to licensing, education, transparency and the Clearing House, which will distribute the corresponding money from the transfers to the training clubs of the players.” We are close to reaching an agreement with the groups. We are still negotiating and working on the project, which will bring us more transparency, a better system and will be fully in line with the legislation of the European Union“, he claimed.

The FIFA Legal Officer also argued the body regulation on coaches, to introduce working conditions at the international level for this group, which had been previously forgotten by the body.

“For this reason, in 2019 and 2020 we began to consider putting them in the center and we began to open negotiations with FIFPRO, clubs and leagues. Treat them appropriately so that have international guarantees and give the football community a legal system when they sign a contract, “he said.

García Silvero assured that FIFA’s position on this matter is open and that depending on “From the evolution of this jurisprudence we are committed to approving new changes.”

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