Football | Olympic Games: Luis de la Fuente: “The decisions of the VAR were not associated with the explanations they gave us”

Luis de la Fuente analyzed Spain’s draw against Egypt.

Injured: “We have to wait for the evolution of the two players, but it does not look good. We are very worried because they could be serious injuries. We also trust that the evolution is good and that they are stopped as little as possible.”

Hard game: “For that there is a referee and a VAR, who are the ones who have to administer justice. The other day we had a talk in which they explained to us the operation of the VAR and we hope that next time we will have better luck with the sanctions that are They produce on the field of play because today we have not had it. “

VAR decision: “The other day we had a meeting that explained to us the actions could be punished with a red card, today there were several of them and they were not punished as they told us. It takes us out of the logic of football and we do not know how to behave in those moments The decisions were not associated with the explanations they gave us. “

Sensations after the game: “We just kept walking, we knew how difficult this game was and that all the games are going to cost. But we have intact morale and we know that we are going to improve because the players are going to be in better physical condition, we have to continue with our way and working in the same way because the results will come as we thought before starting the competition “.

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