Football | Olympic Games: The first message after 50 years of silence

If something labels the sport of the XXI century In this elapsed time it is the social awareness of its protagonists. After several generations anesthetized by the vague claim that sports should not be mixed with politics, a new generation grows up with concerns outside the fields.

The Tokyo Olympics, which will transcend as Pandemic Games, they are already part of history without having raised the curtain. The gesture repeated in several of the matches on the first day of the women’s soccer competition, kneeling on the ground protesting against racism, riding the wave that was born in the United States after the George Floyd case, had not been seen in the Olympic movement since Mexico 1968. Then it was a fist and a black glove that carried the message; now, with less choreography, they are equally valid gestures.

It is not strange that women have taken the step forward. Surely if Simone Biles, very activist, does it, and that looks like it, it will raise its iconic degree even more. It is they, women, who have pushed the most for sport to advance faster than other stages of society did. Because of wasted time, the road is long and winding, but progress is undeniable. Your cause also needs a loudspeaker.


There is no better setting than the Olympics for this type of claim. Its universality, impact and the same rank as the 300-odd gold medals that are distributed make it ideal to talk about an Aldous Huxley world, the candid message that still endorses sport. What happens in Japan, the country of accelerated changes, gives it a poetic touch.

The International Olympic Committee, which led for years One of the most harmful characters that has ever existed in sport like Avery Brundage, its 20-year-old president, a blatant racist, sexist and anti-Semite, has played the game right. Although the desirable thing had been a movement from above, they opened the door to the voting of the commission of athletes. Thumb up. The fact that the IOC now recommends to its national committees not to broadcast these images on their channels is that of “what a scandal, here you play”, without the Renault gendarme.

The measure that pushes democracy has the but to know what red lines exist. If to the color of the skin and the gender, two indisputable issues, the political or identity claims can be united. If a Catalan can ask for self-determination or a Scotsman to reintegrate into the European Union. Specific cases aside, the applause is the attitude of athletes, aware that in today’s society they are essential actors to change the world.

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