Football | Olympics: Egypt – Spain: They’re ready to have fun

Where the physical does not reach the illusion will come. With this idea, the Spanish team starts the Olympic Games. The team of Luis de la Fuente he is aware that he is still far from his best level, but he also knows that he has one of the best squads in the entire championship. With some preseason players and others finishing the season, how long the gasoline lasts is anyone’s guess, but in a team where there are no starters or substitutes, this concern is less.

Although the champion of Africa It will be a good measuring stick, the truth is that playing in a closed stadium with a constant temperature of 22 degrees will be an important relief for a squad that suffered from the beautiful weather of Japan in the clash last Saturday.

False nine

About the team that will start on the pitch of the Sapporo dome, everything points to what Luis de la Fuente I could retrieve the false nine scheme that brought you up to Japan. Mikel Oyarzabal, as he did in the Italy European, would be the most advanced footballer with Asensio and Bryan taking the danger by the bands.

The boys want to put the games on the table and it’s time to have fun.

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