Francisca Lachapel’s video for her baby

. Francisca Lachapel and her husband have no room for happiness with their baby

On July 7, Francisca Lachapel made one of her greatest wishes come true and became the mother of a little boy, whom she called along with her husband, Gennaro Antonio, which has her jumping with happiness.

And although the sympathetic former Nuestra Belleza Latina has her loyal followers accustomed to making them laugh a lot, this time she managed to move the innermost fibers of her fans, and moved them to tears, but by a tender gesture she had, related to her baby.

The former Dominican queen shared an emotional video on her social networks, in which she showed her singing skills, interpreting the song “Nine months”, by Mario Domm, and there she narrated with images, step by step, the arrival of her first-born son, from the moment she found out she was pregnant, until the day she held her baby in her arms.

The images touched the fans of the Despierta América presenter, who were able to witness magical moments in the life of the communicator, such as the day she announced to her mother that she was pregnant, along with her husband, Francesco Zampogna, the way in that her beautiful tummy and her husband’s pampering were growing.

“I think this song perfectly describes how the process was for me. Thanks to a very crazy friend that I have called @ordunatania we were able to get the original music for the song, Mario was very cute and allowed us to. And she, the crazy friend I tell you, set up a recording studio in her house and I could put my voice on her, “Lachapel commented on her Instagram, where she shared the clip.

“You know that I am not a singer but I could not miss the opportunity to relive the most special moments of my pregnancy with this beautiful song,” added Francisca about the tender video, which touched the hearts of her followers and made them burst into tears. of love.

“What a beauty !!!! OMG !!!! Rain 🌧 of pure blessings! ”,“ Wow what a beauty 🥲🥲🥲 Many blessings Fran! God bless you greatly! “And” I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry 😢😢😢 “, were some of the messages that the exreina’s followers expressed after seeing the tender clip.

“So Bella .. you made me cry 😢, I can’t get pregnant and seeing you makes me happy for you, because you are a very beautiful woman in all aspects. May God and the angels take care of you and your baby.❤️❤️ and your beautiful family… 🙌❤️… ”, commented another faithful fan of Francisca. While one more added: she said: “Wowwww what a beautiful voice !! 💖 What a beautiful video 😍 Wow how emotional 🥲 everything and you 😍😍😍 wow God bless you more every day 🙏💕 ”.

“Here are a few photos where you can see what we experienced on Wednesday July 7, when my chest decided to come into the world. 😍🥰🙏🏽 I love you very much ”, added the ex-queen.

After the publication, which in just a couple of hours received more than 124 thousand “likes”, personal friends and fans of the Univisión entertainer ran to congratulate her on her beautiful son and sent her all kinds of messages of affection and appreciation.

The baby was born in Miami on July 7, two days earlier than planned, in a quiet delivery, where mother and son were in perfect condition.

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