Get a good night’s rest with one of the best neck pillows

Tips for choosing the best cervical pillow

It is clear that you need a vertical pillow, but you should know that choosing the one that best suits you is not easy. It takes time and dedication, that’s why we want to pave the way for you with this series of tips that will be very useful:


In general, these types of cervical pillows are usually made of foam memory foam or, failing that, of latex.

The former stand out for the great memory for his great adaptability and temperature control. Latex, on the other hand, does not control the sweating, especially if it is not natural.


It is true that all cervical pillows have more or less the same density, but not all have the same firmness. Not that it is an essential quality, since it will depend on the type of pillow that is most comfortable for you.

But don’t worry, because all pillows have enough density to keep the head-neck-trunk axis aligned.


Although there are also flat designs like those of the lifelong pillows, the cervical ones look a lot in the shape of a wave. They are very useful, as one side is higher than the other. In this way, each user can adapt it to their liking. There are also other newer designs including armrests and extra lanyard support.


Another detail that we never notice is the breathability. Well, you should know that it is tremendously important. After all, who likes to wake up with sweat-drenched hair?


It’s about that feeling of withdrawal that memory foam or latex pillows give us. If the effect is excessive, we would speak of an entrapment, which is not recommended for our cervicals either.


Unlike conventional pillows, cervical pillows do not have standard sizes. It will depend on each of the designs from different manufacturers.

Problems derived from sleeping with an inappropriate pillow

You may not have realized yet that you need a pillow cervical. To clear up any doubts, here are the most typical ailments derived from misuse of our pillow:

Cervical pain.
Recurrent migraines.
Shoulder injuries
Sleep apnea.

If you have suffered any of these ailments during sleep or when waking up, assume it: you need a cervical pillow. And believe us, the sooner you incorporate it into your sleep routines, the better.

Benefits of buying a cervical pillow

The truth is that we could spend hours talking about the wonders of the cervical pillows. But the truth is that we prefer to leave you, black on white, Main benefits that entails its daily use:

Reduces pain in shoulders, neck and back. It is the main reason we buy a neck pillow. After all, our lifelong pillow has not been able to avoid pain in these areas.
Improves circulation. Believe it or not, sleeping in the correct position helps improve circulation. And many times, that can only be achieved with a good neck pillow.
Relieves stiffness. Sleeping properly makes the muscles of the body relax completely.
Eliminate stress and muscle injuries. Sleeping well has never contributed to stress. And if we also wake up with neck, shoulder or back pain, stress and muscle injuries are assured.
They prevent snoring. Much of the snoring we emit when we sleep is the result of poor posture. The vertical pillows help align the head-neck-trunk axis, making it easier for snoring to disappear or be less scandalous.
They are very resistant. Unlike other conventional pillows, cervical pillows are made of high-quality and particularly resistant materials.

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