Google will connect the United States with Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

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(CNN Spanish) – Google announced the construction of Firmina, a submarine cable that will connect the United States and Argentina – with additional extensions in Brazil and Uruguay – to provide better access to Google products such as web searches and Gmail, YouTube and Cloud.

Firmina, which is made up of 12 fiber pairs, will transport traffic quickly and safely between the US and South America. According to the technology company, Firmina will be the longest cable capable of running on a single power source at one end of the cable, a key feature for Google’s network.

“The ability to reliably connect is crucial, especially today when we turn to the digital world to work, socialize and learn,” said Bikash Koley, vice president of global networks at Google in 2020. The importance of this underground network lies with the idea that 98% of Internet traffic does not occur wirelessly, but occurs through fiber optic cables

Thanks to Google’s extensive network of undersea cables, it is possible to “share, search, send and receive information around the world at the speed of light,” according to Koley.

Regarding the environmental impact of this cable network, Jayne Stowell, Google’s strategic negotiator, said during the Curie announcement in 2019 that “there is no adverse environmental impact of submarine cables” as the cables are made of materials that do not they damage the flora and fauna of the oceans. However, there is a moment of disruption, but it only occurs during installation or repair, he clarified.

Firmina is the sixteenth cable placed throughout the world, and like other cables that celebrate great thinkers and revolutionaries, it was named in honor of Maria Firmina dos Reis, an educator and abolitionist writer on Brazilian slavery. Other Google submarine cables are Grace Hopper, which connects the US with the UK and Spain; Curie, which communicates the US data centers with the Chile; Dunant, which crosses the Atlantic from the US coast to France and Equiano, a network that connects Portugal and South Africa.

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