Guillermo Ochoa throws tremendous dart at André Pierre Gignac

The goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team, Guillermo Ochoa threw a dart at the forward of the UANL Tigers, André Pierre Gignac after the triumph against France, ensuring that it is easy to talk, in reference to what the Frenchman said, about the best goal he has scored in his career.

“On the microphone one can say many things, we are a team that likes to work and speak on the pitch. we want to continue with our feet on the ground and with humility, the Mexican is working, and he fought and we are going to continue like this, we are well prepared ”.

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Ochoa declared that they expected much more from France as a rival, since they have good players and they looked like a team to beat in the Olympic Games.

“If we really expected something more, of course, active from the offensive part of France, but that is also a merit of the team on defense, not letting them create a scoring opportunity, I think Jorge did not let him overflow (Gignac) Cesar and Johan did not let enter Gignac ”.

Guillero Ochoa spoke of Japan, his next rival in a duel where he can define the qualification for the Quarterfinals with a victory.

“I expect a difficult Japanese team, it is local so it will be intense, not long ago I played against them in Austria and it was a team that was physically and technically demanding. They are not going to make the game easy for us, we are not going to let us either, we have to take advantage of things in our favor ”, he concluded.

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