Hamilton and the champion’s luck: 69 crucial points

To win a worldNot only do you have to win races, but you also have to have a champion’s record. And that happens to win when you have the car to do it, but above all, to get the highest possible points on the most complicated days. Lewis hamilton He is a king in this art, on many occasions, thanks to luck that seems unthinkable. Many define it that way, as the luck of the champion. Others speak of skill. Be that as it may, That Lewis is only 8 points behind Verstappen’s F1 World Championship lead against a Red Bull that has been a superior car since the Monaco GP could be called a miracle.. And is that Lewis saw how in three of the 10 races held so far, he managed to get oil when it seemed all was lost, in two of them, thanks to two extremely timely red flags that gave him many points, crucial so that today he is only 8 behind the Dutch.

Key red flag in Imola: 18 points + 1 fastest lap

Lewis Hamilton had his first big stroke of luck at Imola
. On lap 34 of Emilia Romagna GP, the second of the campaign, when he was chasing Verstappen, when trying to bend to Bottas and Russell, suffered a great setback. Lewis tried to pass George on the inside, with water on the track, and this led him to lose control of his car and go to the gravel.

Hamilton, against the wall when going out to the gravel in Imola

At that moment, wanting to return to the track, he damaged his front wing when he hit the wall. It seemed that all was lost for the champion in that race. He returned to the asphalt with the spoiler hanging, in ninth place, and had to go to the pits to repair the car. He would lose many positions and had to say goodbye to the podium. But there, the red flag saved him. A collision between Bottas and Russell brought the race to a halt, giving Hamilton the opportunity to change the wing in the pit lane and fix the damage to his car without wasting any time. Thus, he was able to climb positions to a second position that seemed unthinkable without the appearance of the red flag.

Silverstone Red Flag: 25 plus point

First lap accident he had in the F1 British GP against Verstappen
It was the beginning of a great day for Hamilton. If the British did not manage to pass Max In the first corners, he knew that the Dutchman would escape towards the triumph. He had to risk and he did. He risked too much, driving his car inside into a fiercely fast curve like Copse. But far from being harmed by it, he was greatly benefited. His rival, who had everything to expand his leadership by winning the appointment, would add another zero to his locker. And to top it all, he had the tremendous luck to be benefited by a red flag that he himself had caused with said accident.

In the incident, Hamilton was fortunate enough to stay on the track and not end up against the wall as Max did. It had damage to the left front wheel that hit the leader’s car, and According to Mercedes, without the red flag, Hamilton would have been forced to quit and score 0 points. But with the appearance of that flag, again, as in Imola, he was able to return to the pits to repair his car and hit the track..

Already said Alonso after the race: “I think Hamilton was very lucky to continue because it is a touch where normally the two cars go outside”.

Hamilton met Verstappen and Max hit the wall at Copse on lap 1 of the 2021 F1 British GP

Hamilton met Verstappen and Max hit the wall at Copse on lap 1 of the 2021 F1 British GP

To top, Race Direction only penalized him with 10 seconds. Nothing for your Mercedes, superior to the rest without Max on the track. He took 25 more points in a day where he could have left empty-handed.

Max’s abandonment in Baku

Another episode that benefited Hamilton it was the one in Baku. The Englishman suffered greatly with his Mercedes throughout the weekend in the urban layout of Azerbaijan Y Verstappen He was heading for a comfortable victory. But on the last few laps, Max punctured his tires on the straight, hitting the wall hard, having to abandon. Hamilton did not add in that GP when he finished 15th, but he saw Max go without points again on a day in which the young driver had everything to go with 25 points of the victory.

To the 44 points that are counted by the aforementioned red flags, we must add the 25 points that he stopped adding Verstappen on Baku, for a total of 69 points. However, these accounts are not exact, since the points that Lewis would have achieved in Imola without the red flag with the time he would have lost in the pits with the repairs he had to do on his car.

Bahrain, a ‘rogue’ strategy against Masi’s broad hand

But in the season of Hamilton, not everything has been luck. He also used his great cunning
in the first race of the year to win against Verstappen
. In theory, Lewis arrived with a car less than a Red bull that he had surprised in the preseason tests. However, Hamilton he was very ‘rogue’ and took advantage of the passivity of Race Direction to gain time in each turn with respect to Verstappen by exceeding the limits of the track more than 30 times. He could have been sanctioned for this by having repeated said action repeatedly, profiting from each turn that exceeded those limits. But he won and was not penalized. He beat Verstappen (2nd), scoring 7 points that, with a tougher hand on the part of the commissioner, they could be in the locker of the Dutch and not the English.

To the 69 points above, these 7 should be added, for a total of 76 points. The current difference of
World is 8. Imagine how the general could be if everything had gone in the face of Verstappen.

Hamilton also knew how to suffer and take advantage of his opportunities

Apart from all this, Hamilton knew how to suffer in Monaco with a car that performed well below expectations in the Principality, where he was seventh, but above all, he knew how to crush when he could thanks to the better tire management and strategy of his team in Portimao and Barcelona.

Only 10 races have passed and Verstappen has two DNFs, while Hamilton has finished all races, only one out of points. Whoever wants to be a champion must make as few mistakes as possible. Lewis is an expert at that game. And above, luck usually smiles on him.

Twice this year, during race suspensions at Imola and Silverstone, a series of substantial repairs were allowed to Hamilton’s car that allowed the seven-time champion to score a total of 44 points, divided 19 and 25 respectively.

While your potential scores without such repairs are impossible to predict, consider that your Mercedes team estimated that a front wing, replaced under a red flag at Imola, cost you 0.3-0.6 seconds per lap. Would you have finished second under the circumstances or would you have earned a point for the fastest lap? Highly unlikely.

On Sunday at Silverstone, a wheel was damaged during the confrontation with Verstappen. According to the team, without the red flag caused by the need to repair the barriers, that would have forced their withdrawal.

Instead, his team was able to repair the damage without loss of time and race to victory after a 10-second penalty applied during a routine stoppage, despite being deemed “predominantly guilty” by the stewards for the incident. Verstappen could only watch helplessly in the hospital as Hamilton celebrated a 25-point cut in his lead, reducing his deficit to eight points.

Of course, Hamilton and Mercedes did not act incorrectly: the regulations allow repairs during a red flag. But this effective 44-point bonus for car number 44 could well prove decisive in the final.

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