Handball | Olympic Games: Valero Rivera is the ‘Hispanic’ who remains as a reserve at the start of the Olympics

The extreme Valero Rivera is the player who has remained as a reserve among the 16 who traveled to Tokyo with the handball team. Two days before the start of the men’s tournament the participating teams have registered 15 players, of which they will be able to use only 14 in each match. With this decision, the national team will start their Olympic tournament with a single right-handed winger, Ángel Fernández.

The sixteenth player can only enter the list of registered players to replace a partner for injury.

“All the players summoned knew from the beginning of the preparation what their role was going to be,” explained the national coach, Jordi Ribera, on the eve of the ‘Hispanos’ displacement to Japan.

This will be the second time that Rivera, a Nantes player, stays as reserved in an Olympic Games. He already was in London 2012 when the national coach was his father. In tokyo has not been able to stay at the Olympic Village and his contact with his companions, since they left the city of Sasebo, is limited to training.

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