JJ Abrams to unravel the mystery of UFOs in a docuseries

Director JJ Abrams he does not stop visiting new places in the cinematographic world. The well-known filmmaker will now demonstrate his skill for documentary with UFO, in which he will try to unravel the truth about unidentified flying objects. But, in addition and as is usually his custom, he will also add a bit of pop culture.

Based on the first production trailer, Abrams will also reflect on cultural reaction to the subject and even about points as controversial as government conspiracies. Everything that any fan of the topic wants to scrutinize.

For the occasion, Abrams will be the executive producer of the show, which will direct Mark Monroe. The first advance has been seen this week and shows that the docuseries will be based on a thorough investigation of the UFO phenomenon. This is a step of considerable interest on the subject; especially for the team that surrounds the project. Abrams, known for his participation in several of the best-known film franchises, opens the doors for a production of considerable size.

For Monroe, it is not the first experience behind a documentary production. In 2017, he was the writer of Icarus, which delved into doping in the sports world. The following year, the feature film obtained the Oscar for best documentary.

Little green men after the UFO phenomenon?

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UFO will be focused, not only on the long journey of research on the flying objects of pop culture, but also in the current debate on the subject. Based on the famous New York Times report from 2017, the docuseries will include witnesses, photographic and video material. As well as an exhaustive investigation of the subject, focused on American government interference in the mystery. As you will recall, the reporting by Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal, and Leslie Kean raised the disturbing issue that the Pentagon is hiding information about alien visitation.

But it will also address the assumption that the entire phenomenon is surrounded by an intentional veil of mystery. The docuserie will try to demonstrate the way in which the administration of different governments concealed it tendentiously. As if that wasn’t enough, the series raises several haunting questions. “Why do we believe what we believe? And what is the elusive truth beyond these decades of mystery? ”, Insists the note of the program.

UFO will executive produce JJ Abrams, Glen Zipper, Mark Monroe and Sean Stuart. It will also feature credits from Ben Stephenson and Rachel Rusch Rich from Bad robot. The series is co-produced by Kevin Lincoln and produced by Maren Domzalski and Paul McGuire.

The truth may be in a docuseries

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Of course, the topic of alien visits is not new to the small screen. However, JJ Abrams seems willing to give a scientific approach supported by concrete evidence. According to the trailer shared by the YouTube channel of Showtime, the docuseries will combine evidence of sightings with testimonies from their witnesses.

It is an approach that is more interested in the human element of the phenomenon than in a tirade about its scientific possibilities. In addition to what promises to be an accurate review of the phenomenon, the docuseries will question renewed interest in the subject. The trailer shows the declassified footage released by the United States Government just a few years ago.

So JJ Abrams, will not only show a new angle on the phenomenon, but will try to give a credible luster. As of August 8 At 9 p.m. West Coast, UFO will launch every Sunday throughout the month on Showtime.

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