Julio Urías made the Dodgers dream of leadership but there was history to be written

The true quality of a player is measured when the circumstance demands it. Tonight was going to be the perfect meter for Julio Urías, starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the MLB.

The Dodgers face the San Francisco Giants in a game that may be crucial to the aspirations of both teams. The series marches equal to one victory per side while the two teams with the most victories of the entire team cross arms. MLB.

The Dodgers for the second time in the series with the possibility of equalizing in the first place of the West Division of the National League, and incidentally becoming the first team of the MLB to reach 60 victories in this baseball campaign.

Reigning World Series champions starting pitcher Julio Urías made without a doubt his best start of the season. In seven innings of work he only allowed two hits, one of them a home run at the top of the first inning. He also proposed 5 strikeouts and gave away a walk.

Urías had had another seven-inning game with no runs and a single hit, but the opponent has no comparison. On that April 20 he faced the Seattle Mariners while today he did it against the team that before the start of the match had the most victories of the whole MLB.

The culichi supported his work in the curve, (43%), the straight with four seams (35%) and the change (22%). His fast pitch went up to 96.3 mph while his curve was helped by contrast to 79.3 mph, 17 miles per hour apart.

29 of his pitches, just 30%, were called strikes or failed swing, and another 22 balls were thrown foul (22.9%), clearly showing the dominance established over opposing hitters.

Julio Urías put himself in position to claim his thirteenth (13) victory of the season but closer Kenley Jansen allowed Wilmer Flores in the ninth homer to equalize and lead the bay team. The game is in development and the Dodgers are hitting in the bottom of the ninth.

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