Karate | Olympic Games: Spanish karate fighter Ral Cuerva attends the Games with Switzerland

Updated 07/22/2021 – 10:08

Ral raven He is one of the karatecas of the kumite team that they gave up fighting for bronze in the European karate tournament for the “disqualifications and undervaluation by the management team,” as announced in a statement. Said resignation has brought them a precautionary sanction and a sanctioning procedure for very serious offenses. They face a possible suspension of 2 to 5 years with a fine of 3,000 to 30,000 euroYes, according to the notice they received after their case reached the Sports Discipline Committee of the Krate Federation.

Cuerva, like the rest of his companions (Alberto Delestal, Samy Ennkhaili, Jos Rafael Ibez, Rodrigo Ibez, Marcos Martnez and Babacar Seck) qued out of the pre-Olympian. His options of being in Tokyo were wiped out. Now Cuerva will see that dream come true with another country and in another facet.

The karate fighter has accepted the invitation of the technical body of the Swiss team to act as coach of Elena Quirici, bronze in 2012 at the age of 18, three times European champion (two individually, 2018 and 2016, and another for teams in 2018) and continental runner-up twice (2015 and 2019). They have known each other for three years. They are a couple and since the pandemic he has also been a personal trainer. “The lack of training, and having to stay in shape, forced us to adapt, and she was the one with the best chance of qualifying, so we decided to focus on her and start working like that,” recalls Cuerva.

Quirici got the ticket to Tokyo after winning the Olympic Qualification held in Paris. Compete in the +61 kg category. “I have known Elena for three years, this is my first experience as a coach. I want to contribute all my experience, take care of the athlete and make him feel important,” explains Cuerva.

The Spanish karate fighter has accompanied Quirici, bronze in the 2019 European Games, in recent weeks in two concentrations in Greece and Gran Canaria. In a week travel to Japan. August 7 will be when the Swiss karate fighter competes. Cuerva attends with the accreditation of the Swiss Olympic Committee. “I think he can win gold. He grows up in important championships. He has a very exciting way of fighting, he fights with his heart and with a lot of courage, he never gives any point for lost,” says Cuerva.

She showed that courage in 2018. She injured her foot and underwent surgery. He only had two weeks to prepare for the European in Novi Sad. Once there he hung two golds: individual and team. “I was scared, but in my mind, I always had the certainty that I could come back stronger,” Quirici recalls.

With a karate teacher mother and two karate brothers, at the age of 4 she started in this sport. “They were my idols and I wanted to be as strong as them,” he recalls. It started in katas, but ended in kumite. “Having two older brothers at home, kumite was more important than kata. Imagine those fights,” he laughs.

Now he dreams of the medal in Tokyo. “It is a success to be here, I go to all the tournaments with the idea of ​​winning. It would be amazing, but also deserved for all the work I did“, Explain.

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