Koala, a gadget to know the baby’s dream

Technology advances at giant steps. That means that you achieve great achievements not only in the field of medicine but also in terms of baby care, for example. Precisely a good example of the latter is the gadget that now we want to let you know. Is about Koala, a device to be able get to know the little one’s dream in depth.

Keep reading and you will discover all the peculiarities of this device that will be able to help you to have the care and well-being of your child under control.

Who is behind Koala?

The first thing to know is that behind this new technological device is a startup from Argentina that responds to the name of Biotrend. Company that was put into operation in 2002 and that this year 2018 has managed to mark a milestone with this gadget that we are now dealing with.

What is the gadget called Koala?

Under that name is a device whose clear objective is to ensure that parents can be completely calm regarding the state of their baby. And it is that the same not only monitors the child’s vital signs but also warns adults when some type of circumstance occurs that could endanger the child’s health.


Does not cause discomfort in the baby

Device operation

Once you are clear about what it offers you, it is time for you to discover more in depth this gadget that hopes to become a really useful device for many parents. Specifically, regarding its use, the following aspects must be highlighted:

It consists of a kind of bracelet that is placed on the baby’s foot and of a app that parents must have installed on their smartphone. Two articles that must be in sync. The bracelet is of type hypoallergenic and it has a rechargeable battery. That one is in charge of proceeding to monitor the child’s heart rate as well as the temperature he has, the breathing and even what is the position that takes to rest when it is in the crib. All these measurements are carried out thanks to having different miniature sensors. The aforementioned bracelet does not weigh anything, so it does not generate any kind of discomfort in the baby. As we have mentioned previously, in the event that the device perceives that any of the child’s vital signs are not normal, it will proceed to issue a notice to the parents. In this way, they will quickly go where your child is to see what happens to him.

KoalaKoala Parents can know how their baby is from the mobile

Other information of interest about Koala

In addition to all the data exposed so far, it is time to learn about other relevant aspects about this gadget. We are referring to some such as the following:

When the baby wakes up, this bracelet works as if it were a monitor. Koala is considered to be a great advantage for parents. And it is that it allows them to rest having the peace of mind that their children are monitored and that in the event of any unforeseen they will be notified immediately. It is endowed with a number of lights that have a meaning: the green indicates that the baby is well; the yellow it is activated as an alarm when it detects that something happens; and the red Along with a remarkable sound alarm it goes off when the device detects that something serious is taking place. The app that Koala works with can be used on mobile phones that have both the Android and iOS operating systems. The link between the hypoallergenic bracelet and the relevant application is made using the Bluetooth or through a simple WiFi connection. This gadget can not only be “connected” to a single mobile phone but to several. In this way, for example, both parents can know the status of their baby at any time. Although it has been to Argentina where this device designed for the care of the baby and the tranquility of the parents has arrived in the first place, it is also entering the markets of other countries such as Mexico. This without overlooking that, in the same way, it has begun to start its commercial career in the United States and even in Europe.

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