LG will sell iPhones in its stores after failing with its mobiles

The Asian giant, already removed from the manufacture of Android smartphones, would sell Apple products in its Korean stores.

LG will no longer launch smartphones on the market and it seems that it is looking for other things to do with its time. According to the Herald Economic Daily, the Korean giant is planning to sell Apple devices in its stores.

This unusual plan would begin in just a few days, during the month of August, and would take place in about 400 stores throughout South Korea. However, not all Apple products would be included.

LG logo on a G4 Note.

Will you be able to buy an iPhone in the LG store?

The Korean firm would sell iPhone and iPad terminals in their stores. Curiously, this agreement would have taken place in 2018, three years before saying goodbye to the smartphone market.

From Android Authority they have asked LG, which ensures Mac computers are not included. It makes perfect sense, as they would compete directly with LG’s own devices.

We will take all this information with caution., but everything indicates that it will end up being fulfilled. LG, which was one of the biggest weights in the Android world, would end up out of the market and selling iOS smartphones.

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