Netflix confirms Army of the Dead 2 with Zack Snyder – .

Zack Snyder fans can celebrate this afternoon. The director continues with his projects for the seventh art and Netflix stands as one of his greatest allies of the moment. Through The Hollywood Reporter it is reported that the filmmaker’s production company has reached a deal with the streaming giant to make more films, and not only that, as it is confirmed that Army of the Dead 2 will start with its development after Rebel moon, the sci-fi movie in which Zack is working for now.

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The army of the dead – 78% presented us with a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, when a group of mercenaries risk the most in the quarantine zone to carry out an ambitious heist. Of course, on Netflix and on social media the film was a success, but what?Zack snyder managed to exceed the expectations of the fans? The premiere of Army of the dead It was on May 21 and the largest streaming company already confirmed the second part.

The newest walking dead movie by Zack snyder took the number 1 spot in the global top on the same day of its premiere and Netflix knows very well that business with the director is too good to let go. At the beginning of June, the production of Rebel moon, a film that will feature a script inspired by Star wars and the cinema of Akira Kurosawa; Zack is working hard on it right now and boy is he enjoying his creative freedom after spending years bent over by Warner Bros. Shooting will begin in 2022.

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Although Warner Bros. no longer wants to do any more deals with Zack snyder, it is clear that the director still has a long way to go. Perhaps many point him out as overrated, however, his work has shown us that he has a fairly defined style and that he has enough confidence from his fans to continue listening to his instincts. At the moment his followers will have to wait for more news about the work of Snyder together with Netflix; the entertainment world is very aware of every move made by the director

The other recent film from the filmmaker that turned everyone upside down was Zack Snyder’s Justice League –

82%. Although Warner gave the director the opportunity to finish his project, the studio wants to continue the DC Extended Universe in another way, far from what Snyder ever dreamed. One of the films that is already on the way for the saga is The Flash, an adventure that aims to solve the future of superheroes in this story. Will Warner Bros. be able to redeem itself after refusing to continue the SnyderVerse on the big screen? Only very good films can alleviate the hurt that the company has done to the fans.

DCEU fans still have plenty of reasons to get excited. Let us remember that many adventures are on the way, including Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, so an important journey with the characters still awaits us. Although the competition with Marvel Studios has been a bit sidelined (let’s be honest, it still can’t catch up with it, either on the small screen or the big screen; it’s not certain that it ever will), Warner has no intention of compromising. with their superheroes. The future is filled with DC and its greatest reps. Things could turn out a lot better for the franchise in the years to come.

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