Nfortec Aqueronte completes your setup with more space than ever

Presented as its most complete box to date, the Spanish company surprises us today with the arrival of the Nfortec Acheron, a tower of unique performance that points to the top with an incredibly wide space to satisfy without problems the most demanding users who seek to create the most complete configurations, offering an almost unlimited space.

Made with great materials, and has an elegant mesh front, various dust filters and tempered glass side, to be able to admire your configuration comfortably. Its dimensions, 425 x 240 x 550 mm, allow you to install a myriad of components, to satisfy the desires of gamers, and even those looking for custom configurations.

Updated to new trends, with the power supply on top and the ability to install the GPU vertically, allows an arrangement of components designed to optimize the performance of your PC. And it is that the cooling options of the Nfortec Aqueronte go beyond the usual, equipping five ARGB fans as standard, but it has the possibility of installing a total of up to twelve throughout its structure, even in its lower part.

These possibilities also affect the liquid refrigerations, being able to house them of up to 360mm in its frontal areal, top or bottom, ensuring extraordinary air flow. These magnificent cooling conditions are enhanced by the location of the power supply, which will be located at the top, in a separate compartment, allowing the heat generated by it to be directly expelled.

In addition, as is customary to see in the company’s products, the Nfortec Aqueronte comes with a wide RGB configuration, allowing the lighting of a large number of components to be synchronized, regardless of the brand. To make it even more complete, it is accompanied by a pre-installed controller, which will allow us a quick and easy control of the lighting at any time.

Availability and price

Currently we can already find the Nfortec Aqueronte available on the official website of the brand in its two variants of black and white, and a fairly reciprocated price of 199.95 euros. On the other hand, the company anticipates that soon we will be able to find the tower also available in other local distributors such as PcComponentes and Amazon.

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