Olympic Games 2021: From opening the Games to fighting the coronavirus

Less than 24 hours until the Olympic Games begin. Some hundreds of people walk around the stadium. Mobile in hand, they capture the visit with a photo. They approach the front door. Their gazes radiate illusion. It is the moment awaited for quite some time. They take their first steps. A corridor leads the way. On one side, the green carpet, the scene of so many dreams.

The brand does not matter. The place at the finish line. Everyone feels like a winner. They will come out with a medal. Not hanging around the neck. Not being visible, but being with them. It is not Japan. It is not the Olympic stadium in Tokyo. They are not Simone Biles, Allyson Felix, Novak Djokovic, Eliud Kipchoge or Katie Ledecki. We talk about Manuel, Pedro, Marisa, Carmen, David … It is the Metropolitan Wanda.

Fate and a somewhat peculiar vote deprived him of tomorrow being the starting point of the XXXII Summer Olympic Games. Who was going to tell us when that September 7, 2013 dawned that instead of being the Olympic hostsWhen the day came, the setting chosen to host the opening ceremony would be the nerve center of the largest planetary event in history: vaccination against the coronavirus.

The 125th Session of the International Olympic Committee, held in Buenos Aires, hosted the decisive choice of venue between Tokyo, Istanbul and Madrid. The capital of Spain, a relaxing cup of coffee with milk in Plaza Mayor aside, pointed to a favorite. He had stayed at the gates of the 2016 and 2012 Games. The dream vanished at the first change.

Istanbul and Madrid received the same number of votes so a tiebreaker was necessary in which the Turkish city prevailed by 49-45. Then Tokyo won by a landslide: 60-36.

Goodbye to the Games. La Peineta stadium, in the middle of a reconstruction phase to become the home of the Atltico de Madrid, lost the olympic surname for a future denomination. The running track disappeared from the plans. The project went ahead. On September 16, 2017 it was inaugurated.

Five months ago, he experienced his particular inauguration ceremony. On February 25 it became a mass vaccination center against the coronavirus. Those foundations that were laid with an eye toward the 2020 Games now hold the hopes of all who wish to end this pandemic.

All those who have passed or will pass until within a few weeks it ends with this function, they are bearers of a medal. Because in these Games, if the important thing is to participate, as stated by the Baron de Coubertain. Maybe they don’t come out [o salgamos] faster [citius] nor taller [altius], but without a doubt, be stronger [fortius] to fight, united and with a team spirit, against the coronavirus.

Given what has been seen (a global pandemic, the postponement of some Games, stadiums behind closed doors …) Who knows if back in 2036 we stepped on the Wanda and wrote just the opposite than now. That hundreds of people are walking towards the inauguration of the Games along the path that a few years before they traveled to get vaccinated against a virus that changed the world. Everything is possible. Who was going to tell us.

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