Olympic Games 2021: Mireia Belmonte and Sal Craviotto, the stars flagged at Tokyo 2020

Updated 07/22/2021 – 13:00

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Since Spain has participated in the Olympic Games, it is the first time that two athletes have represented us in the opening ceremony, Mireia Belmonte and Sal Craviotto, who shine with great image and admiration taking over from our most universal tennis player, Rafa Nadal, champion of the Ro 2016 games. What are they like and what differentiates them as consumer brands? Let us analyze these differences through the study of their image.

Your image is in success

Mireia is known by 89% for the total population and reaches its maximum notoriety in men older than 30 years with 91%, without cracks in its notoriety and will be for the Spaniards, the second best-known athlete in Tokyo, behind Pau Gasol. Craviotto, known to 47% of all consumers, peaks in men aged 31 to 45 with 54%. Two athletes with 4 Olympic medals each, world and European champions in their sports with an impressive palmars and with a lot of repercussion in the media, which has led Mireia to reach that high degree of notoriety, becoming the maximum exponent female sports in our country.

It has not had that relevance to Sal Craviotto who despite these sporting successes and his passage through different TV programs, winning the 2nd edition of Masterchef Celebrity 2017, has not yet made that leap in notoriety. The metals achieved by Mireia in the pool monopolize more covers and media than those obtained by Craviotto at the stroke of a paddle. Sports figures and aspirational personalities that complement each other.

A public figure can have a very positive general assessment, as is the case with both, Mireia Belmonte with a 7.8 and Craviotto with a 7.6, but when going into detail from different complementary variables that the consumer perceives, they become different characters, adding both in values ​​that complement them as a standard-bearer couple. Mireia Belmonte, with the values ​​and recognition of the successful athlete in front of a Sal Craviotto with a profile possibly created by his presence on television rather than by the merit of his sporting facet, and who gathers high valuations in attributes not so related to the category of the sport. sport. The swimmer stands out in Professional (8.6), Healthy (8.6), Vitality (8.3), Role Model (7.8) and Leader (7.7), which are what define your brand personality.

Craviotto, Let us remember that much less known, so a direct image comparison would not be fair, but the athlete, who has built his image in parallel in his television career, is defined as Attractive (7.9), Pleasant to See (7.6 ), Call my attention (7.1), Elegant (7.1), Trend Brand (7). Variables more typical of actors and presenters. And it is that the canoeist, among the 90 best-known athletes, occupies with these evaluations, very relevant positions, being the number 1 as the most attractive (7.9) the one that attracts the most attention (7.1).

Digital Capability

The sports stars that we are analyzing do not have social networks with millions of followers, as would be expected of them, but once again we see that neither the knowledge of the character, nor his good image, nor his relevance in his professional field, is related to having a higher volume of followers. Mireia Belmonte with something more than 160k followers, publishes really little, 19 posts on his profile since January of this year, compared to Sal Craviotto for his 227k followers who have seen more than 105 publications throughout the year. However, Mireia’s networks are much more alive, achieving more interactions each time a message is launched and therefore a much higher engagement of 10.73% vs 6.9% of the piragista.

Evolution after the Olympics

The media relevance that they will achieve with the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, as well as their sporting results and follow-up by the media, will give a boost to the image of both athletes. Mireia always after each Olympiad his image has improved again and without a doubt Craviotto will have a new great opportunity to make himself known among the Spanish public, one of the best.

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