Olympic Games 2021: Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021: schedule and where to watch today on TV and online

One of the most anticipated moments in world sport during four years, the Olympic Games opening ceremony, is finally arriving. We have had to wait a year longer than expected due to the coronavirus pandemic but finally, today Friday, July 23, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games -although they are held in 2021- they will officially begin.

As usual, the development of the ceremony is an absolute secret, although the planned plans probably had to be redone because of the pandemic. As you know, during the Games there will be no public in the stands, without the organization having made a distinction between indoor and outdoor events. At the moment, it is known that there will be prerecorded ambient sound in competitions. But not if the audience had a role to play during the opening ceremony. It is hoped, yes, that the recognized capacity technological Japanese can efficiently cope with difficulties.

Time difference between mainland Spain and Japan: In Tokyo it is seven hours more

The difference between the Spanish peninsular time and that of Japan is seven hours in favor of Tokyo, that is to say: there they go seven hours ahead. In such a way that the ceremony time, scheduled for 20:00 Japanese, becomes the 13:00 peninsulares, and the 12:00 in the Canary Islands.

Schedule and television channels to watch the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be transmitted through Eurosport Y RTVE. The opening ceremony, in the Tokyo Olympic Stadium, it can be followed by television on direct and in open through The 1 from RTVE from, as has been said, the 13:00 from today Friday July 23.

Eurosport, accessible through various paid television and streaming platforms such as DAZN and its online service Eurosport Player, also offer the ceremony. RTVE and Eurosport will offer thousands of hours of television transmission. Y BRAND Radio They will also offer live information.

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