Olympic Games 2021: Spanish athletes with the most Olympic medals

After the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 1984 there was an anecdote about Spanish sports: a leader what balance it made. And that signaled that they had won more than 20 medals. As the real figure was much lower, he was questioned strangely and this was explained: “14 in basketball …”, started. Some sources attribute it to Rom Cuys, Secretary of State for Sports, and others to Alfonso de Borbn, president of the COE. Clearly, neither one nor the other was trusted much.

But the truth is that if the question had been another, the answer would not be so crazy. Spain currently adds, one day before the start of Tokyo 2020, 155 medals, 151 in Summer Games and four in Winter Games. However, the number of medalists is much higher: 411 Spanish athletes are in possession of at least one Olympic medal. Logically, the figure is due to the large number of medals achieved by our selections nationals. Despite the theoretical Hispanic individualism, Spanish athletes know how to compete very well as a team.

As in the case of the most awarded medalists at the absolute level, they have an advantage when it comes to adding those who can play several competitions in each edition: David Cal, with five awards, he is the most honored. But beware: the competitive longevity of our players is very remarkable. Cal was adding three games, as well as not a few team athletes like Gasol, Lozano or Navarro, among others.

The vast majority of our medalists correspond to the modern times of our sport: from 1900, year of the Spanish debut, to 1972 -inclusive- 10 medals were added. All with the enormous merit of fighting, in addition to rivals, against poverty and the lack of structures.


David cal. Canoeing 5 (1-4-0)

Joan Llaneras Cycling 4 (2-2-0)

Salt Craviotto. Canoeing 4 (2-1-1)

Mireia Belmonte Swimming 4 (1-2-1)

Andrea Fuentes. Swimming 4 (0-3-1)

Arantxa Snchez Vicario. Tennis 4 (0-2-2)

Gervasio Deferr Gymnastics 3 (2-1-0)

Lydia valentn Weightlifting 3 (1-1-1)

Conchita Martnez. Tennis 3 (0-2-1)

Herminio Menndez Canoeing 3 (0-2-1)

Juan Carlos Navarro Basketball 3 (0-2-1)

Jos Manuel Caldern Basketball 3 (0-2-1)

Rudy fernandez Basketball 3 (0-2-1)

Pau Gasol Basketball 3 (0-2-1)

Felipe Reyes Basketball 3 (0-2-1)

Demetrio Lozano Handball 3 (0-0-3)

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