Renault Mégane: ode to balance

The automotive industry is experiencing a time of revolution. Electrification involves challenge that affects not only propulsion, but also driving sensations, safety and even the final design of the cars. Little by little, the zero-emission mechanics find their way into the hearts of the most passionate, those who still want to feel the engine turns, vibrations and even the sound of the exhaust. Others, on the other hand, prefer to stay in what is known and comfortable, without leaving the ‘as before’. It is in this segment that we find options such as Renault Mégane TCe 140 hp petrol with automatic transmission, due to its simplicity, technology, coherence and continuity. We have been with him for a week and we bring you our driving impressions.

This latest update, which was made on the basis of the generation introduced in 2016, featured some aesthetic tweaks but little else. The significant change came in the equipment section, which was more extensive and advanced. They also took advantage of the rhombus to introduce their plug-in hybrid technology, called E-Tech, to compete with rivals such as the Seat Leon, Opel Astra, Kia Ceed and even the Peugeot 308. One of the main arguments of the French is its price, especially if we take into account the level of technological equipment that it already incorporates as standard.

If you are thinking of getting one of these compacts, either in its 5-door version or in the familiar Sports Tourer, the option of the 1.3 TCe gasoline block should not be ruled out from the beginning. It is clear that the future derives from electrification, but prices are still complicated and gasoline is still the most recommended fuel for a non-intensive but fun use of the Mégane. With that block you have three available powers, (115, 140 and 150 CV) but to have the automatic transmission, a Seven speed EDC, you will have to bet on the two most powerful ones. It is a decision to take into account, even more so when you check the efficient and easy to drive thanks to fast transmission and smooth transitions in almost all cases.

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