Space Jam: Original Movie Director Criticizes New LeBron James Starring LeBron James

Probably no one recognizes Space Jam: Game of the Century – 36% as a great movie deserving of all the attention and prestigious awards; however, many grew up with her and are particularly fond of her. Neither the specialized critics nor the public at the time loved this proposal, but it managed to stay in the minds of a generation that right now is being bombarded from all sides with projects based on nostalgia, which will always be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, taking up old ideas is guaranteed to attract attention, but the hypersensitivity of the current audience sometimes prevents the arrival of new things.

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The Looney tunes They are characters that have been on the air for many years, from cartoons to collectibles, but certain characteristics, qualities and clichés that they represent are now seen as something negative, for which an attempt has been made to “repair” and “restore” these aspects to look better. with the audience. Space Jam: A New Era – 64% ends up being a project caught between all these points. Its very existence has already caused many people to now defend the 1996 film as if it were a masterpiece, while others find it tragic to lose the personality of the famous characters in favor of something “politically correct”.

In fact, much was discussed about the appearance of Lola bunny, whether or not the character of Pepe le pew (no, it was not canceled), and even the very idea that LeBron James serves as an example for children, something that Michael Jordan was never questioned. The result has not been really positive. Although the box office was good, especially in these times of pandemic, surpassing even Black Widow – 87%, the sequel did not quite convince the majority.

While James took to his social networks to make fun of the haters who wanted the worst for his film, the person in charge of the original himself now took the time to comment and attack until exhaustion the new project that serves as a sequel, but also a little like remake and revival. Director Joe Pytka has many problems with the film, the main one being the figure of LeBron, who according to him is not up to Jordan.

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During a chat with TMZ the director clarified that it took him five attempts to see Space Jam: A New Erabecause it seemed so boring to him that he fell asleep. Furthermore, he emphasized that Michael Jordan Not only was he a great athlete, he was basically the most famous athlete of that time and that is why joining him with the animated characters became an important event:

The truth is, LeBron is not Michael.

Pytka also highlights that his film connected with the transition in Jordan’s life, which gave him depth and connection with the public, while LeBron’s story does not contribute anything similar. On the other hand, the director also believes that the rest of the cast was more iconic in Space Jam: Game of the Century, as it had the participation of Wayne Knight and Bill Murray, and Space Jam: A New Era It is not up to scratch. Finally, one aspect that bothered him a lot was Bugs bunny and he even called his part in the film “disheartening”, which according to him is very far from the famous character; in the same way, he took the opportunity to attack the appearance of Bugs:

It looks like one of those furry dolls that you buy at an airport gift shop to give to your child when your work has already taken too long.

Joe pytka He clarified that he has no personal problems or resentments with the creation of the new film, but that it just seems like garbage. Many see it as a decent family proposition, others as a total disaster, and some more as a poor excuse for Warner Bros. show off the franchises under its power. Only time will tell if Space Jam: A New Era it will follow the same path to cult titles as its predecessor or it will be forgotten in a couple of years.

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