Sporting Cristal and Bragantino go to the quarterfinals

07/22/2021 at 05:48 CEST


The Sporting Cristal Peruvian qualified this Wednesday to the quarterfinals of the South American Cup at equal 1-1 in the field of Arsenal Argentine a week after defeating him 2-1 in Lima. The qualification to the phase of the eight best will put the Peruvian team on a collision route with the best of the series between the traditional Uruguayan clubs Nacional and Peñarol.

The front Lucas Albertengo put the locals ahead in the 52nd minute, but 5 before the end of regulation time the midfielder Christofer Gonzales He left everything the same with a great Chilean goal.

The Peruvian League champion played a very defensive game by planting a real tangle of legs in his area. The Argentines, who created few scoring opportunities in the first half, fired up during the second half. A direct shot to the goal forced goalkeeper Alejandro Medina to put his fists and clear the ball forcefully from the area.

Just 7 minutes into the second half, forward Lucas Albertengo scored the first goal and renewed the Sarandí club’s hopes of qualifying. The Arsenal player adjusted the ball, after a recovery by Juan Andrada and an assist from Nicolás Castro, outside the large area and launched a direct shot into the left corner of Cristal’s goal, impossible for Duarte to reach.

During the last plays of the match, Sporting by Christofer Gonzales launched a chilean effectively nailing the ball to the back of the net in the 85th minute to the surprise of the goalkeeper, who could do nothing.

El Bragantino fires Independiente del Valle

The Bragantino Brazilian equalized this Wednesday 1-1 with Independiente del Valle Ecuadorian and advanced to the quarterfinals, where he will collide with the best of the series between Rosario Central and Deportivo Táchira, which is tied 2-2 and will be defined this Thursday. The team from the Ecuadorian city of Sangolquí went ahead today with a goal from Fernando Guerrero at 3 minutes, but Tomás Cuello left everything the same in the 51st.

The home team had the advantage of having won eight days ago at home by 0-2. However, the Brazilians were surprised at 3 minutes in a play started by José Hurtado, who enabled Warrior and the midfielder scored the first of the night, with no possibility of defense for goalkeeper Cleiton. With no reaction from Bragantino, Independiente del Valle was about to increase their lead in the 19th minute, when Cleiton saved his team in two back-to-back shots from Guerrero and William Pacho. In the following minutes, Praxedes, Lucas Evangelista and Cuello approached the paulistas, but goalkeeper Moisés Ramírez was successful.

Before the end of the first half, the visitor lost due to injury to Junior Sornoza, former player of the Brazilian clubs Fluminense de Rio de Janeiro and Corinthians de Sao Paulo, who was relieved by Argentine Lorenzo Faravelli.

In the second half the roles were reversed and the Brazilian team, which belongs to the Austrian sports group Red Bull, equalized the score at 6 minutes, 51 of play, with a goal of Neck, after a precise crossing of Aderlán. A minute before, the VAR had annulled a goal from Praxedes out of place, after a previous play by Cuello, the main protagonist of the match.

The changes did not have the expected effect on the visiting coach, the Portuguese Renato Paiva, while the local coach, Mauricio Barbieri, took time to move his chips and did so only for the final 15 minutes, where he had some troubles, mainly in plays from the reserve Alan Minda and Hurtado saved by Cleiton.

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