Suicide Squad director thinks superhero movies need to change

Image of Idris Elba and director James Gunn on the set of The Suicide Squad (2021)

A few weeks ago, the director James Gunn He was very hard on the latest superhero movie releases stating that these bored him quite a bit. Some very harsh statements that seemed to seek to attract attention in the middle of the promotion of the film “The Suicide Squad”. However, they were not hot statements. In a new interview, the filmmaker has returned to reiterate.

In a recent interview with The Irish Times, the also director of Guardians of the Galaxy shared that he believes that the genre needs to change things and “introduce other elements” to avoid getting stuck. He points to the rise and fall of other film genres, such as war movies and westerns, as proof that the future of the genre “is going to be very, very boring” if things don’t change.

We know what the cowboy movies were like, and what the war movies were like. I don’t know, I think you don’t have to be a genius to add two and two and see that there is a cycle in those kinds of movies and that the only hope for the future of comics and superhero movies is to change them. They are really dumb. And I’m especially bored now.

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You haven’t always had this feeling. Thus, he acknowledges that “he loved them at first”, before pointing out that the advancement of visual effects was one of the main reasons why he fell in love with the genre.

1978’s “Superman” is a movie that he still likes, and that had him “really excited” about the genre, although the writer-director acknowledged that it featured “a wired blue screen guy with this kind of crappy visual effects. . He also pointed to Marvel’s 2008 “Iron Man” as another example of how superhero movies have advanced cinema.

When Iron Man came out, I liked it. You are able to make a guy fly that looks like he’s a guy flying. And it was a beautiful thing to be able to do that.

The director then discussed two of his personal creative inspirations, explaining how they have influenced his expectations for the genre. Gunn subtly highlights the role of things like costumes and fitness for many on-screen heroes, suggesting that body diversity and a more scruffy or distinctive style is what he likes best about the genre.

I’ve always been influenced by the art of Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore from Watchmen, where the costumes didn’t fit superheroes perfectly, and they had a bit of a pot belly. Not all of them had perfect bodies; not all were beautiful. When they fought, they got into the stupid Bartleby thing of getting into bar fights.

Despite his somewhat general assertion about these types of superhero movies, Gunn ended up acknowledging that it is not a monolith. Not all are the same, there are filmmakers who seek to do different things:

There are people who try to do a few different things with superheroes. So it’s not a one hundred percent rule that everyone isn’t, but a lot of superhero movies are boring.

Speaking of the stylistic elements of his own upcoming superhero movie “The Suicide Squad,” Gunn shared that for the filming of the “big” and “broad” adventure that he dubbed “a show and war movie,” the studio he built “the biggest set ever built” and used “more practical special effects than we’ve ever used in any movie.”

It’s more fun to shoot when I’m really blowing things up rather than having silly looking CGI explosions.

Via information | The Irish Times

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