The evil Doctor Strange episode in What if ..? it will be a tragic love story

Capture of the villainous Doctor Strange in the animated series What If ...?  (2021)

In less than a month the animated series will be released “What If …?”, titled in Spain as “What would happen if…?”. Little by little they are revealing more and more details of this series that promises to break some molds. As part of the promotional campaign, those creatively involved in the series have given a series of interviews for Total Film magazine. The next physical issue of the magazine will include these statements, but we have a preview of them. All accompanied by a new image of the animation in which we can see Killmonger, who is increasingly emerging as one of the co-stars of the animation.

We know that the series will review events of the MCU throughout its episodes, 10 episodes in its first season and another 10 in its second season. Each episode seems to have its own essence. To this is added the freedom that an animated format allows in front of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That will cause a significant change from traditional movies, but we will also notice that change from week to week, as new episodes are released.

Our episodes are darker or lighter than a traditional Marvel movie, and we also have a couple of outright tragedies, ”says lead writer AC Bradley.

The most interesting part is when they refer to the evil version of Doctor Strange, which we have seen in the promotional materials. They confirm one of the rumors that sounded recently (which invites us to think that the rumors of the other episodes are true) by saying that this will be a “tragic love story.”

We have an episode that is like a political thriller. We have a dark episode of Doctor Strange that is like a tragic love story. One of them is simply that I want to be silly and relive my favorite movies as a child. “I can’t wait / Can’t Hardly Wait” was a cornerstone … I can’t imagine any other time in my career where I’m going to write one of those crazy National Lampoon party movies …

In addition, for the most ardent fans and from the first moment, they have recovered an old element, the old Fury’s Big Week comics. This is part of those prelude comics that were released in the past to create the background to the movies and complete the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We have a great Agatha Christie episode, ”adds executive producer Brad Winderbaum. It takes place in that dark place that only the most die-hard fans know called ‘Fury’s Big Week.

Animated series premieres on Disney + next August 11.

Image from the animated series What If ...?Image from the animated series What If ...?

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