The most curious gadgets of the MWC

There are only a few days left for him Mobile World Congress 2018 and as is normal, brands prepare their news. The gadgets They will surely be one of the great attractions and although many of the brands have not wanted to make it official, these are some of the candidates to be presented at the MWC:


The Japanese company has wanted to remember those times in the 80s when children yearned for some of its products. The Ataribox is a “reboot” of what was its popular console, the Atari 2600. With the Linux operating system, it will be sold in two different designs, both wood and glass, in red and black.


Although it was introduced in June 2017, Apple has delayed the launch of these smart speakers. Siri is an aid for this gadget capable of sending messages, playing music and working on Apple’s HomeKit platform.

Oculus Go VR

This “headset” does not need computers or smartphones for its operation. Inside it has a 2560 x 14440 pixel LCD screen, speakers and a three-degree motion control is added to this. Interesting, right?

Google Clips

It is a 12 Mpx camera that will have artificial intelligence, which will use “machine learning” and facial recognition to take photos and short videos. It can be placed anywhere and as time goes by you know where you should or should not immortalize things. What the camera does is actively look for smiles, movements and even recognize its owner’s pet. You do not need an Internet connection or a telephone to make it work.

Magic Leap One

They are augmented reality glasses, behind them is Google, which has been one of the promoters of the project and they seem to have come out of Blade Runner or any other science fiction movie. What these glasses do is project 3D images on the user’s retinas so that the user can interact with virtual objects as if they were objects that had come out of the real world.

Windows laptops with Snapdragon

This year we are going to see a lot of laptops with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor. With this processor, laptops are going to be more similar to smartphones in terms of efficiency and size. Lenovo, HP or Asus will use them, among many others.

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