The Spanish Stock Market rises 0.82% and recovers 8,600 points

Madrid, Jul 22 (.) .- The Spanish Stock Market rises 0.82% in the first bars of this Thursday and recovers 8,600 points, in a day in which the market is waiting for the meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB), which could decide to change the orientation of its future monetary policy.

Minutes after the opening, the IBEX 35, the main Spanish selective, scored 69.60 points, that 0.82%, to 8,637.40 integers. The earnings for the year reached 6.98%.

With this rise, the Spanish Stock Market could chain three consecutive profit sessions. On the eve it registered the second largest rise of the year, 2.5%, after the fear of the worsening of the pandemic and that the economic recovery slows down.

Wall Street also maintained the positive trend in the previous day, with which it recovered a significant part of the losses it registered on Monday, affected by the advance of the delta variant of covid-19.

With yesterday’s rise, the main Wall Street indicator, the Industrial Dow Jones, is once again near the all-time high reached last week.

In Asia, the main markets are also trading this Thursday with gains: the Nikkei of Tokyo adds 0.58%; and Shanghai, 0.22%.

In Europe, where the consumer confidence data for July will be released today, as well as the public debt and deficit data for the European Union for the first quarter of 2021, the central meeting will be the ECB meeting.

While waiting for their decisions, the Old Continent equities added to the positive trend: Frankfurt advanced 0.77%; Paris, 0.53%; Milan, 0.48%; and further behind, London, which adds up to 0.09%.

In the commodities market, Brent, the Old Continent’s benchmark crude, is trading flat at this time, at $ 72.19 a barrel.

Back in the domestic market, today Bankinter has presented its accounts, which obtained a net profit of 1,140 million euros in the first half of the year, accounts that include a net capital gain of almost 896 million obtained by the segregation of the insurer Línea Directa.

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Excluding these extraordinary income, Bankinter’s recurring profit reached 244.5 million, 124.1% more.

In the early stages of the session, Bankinter ranked as the second highest rising value on the IBEX 35, 1.39%.

IAG leads earnings, which advanced 1.81%.

Santander also appreciates 1.37%; Inditex, 0.99%; BBVA, 0.78%; Repsol, 0.61%; Telefónica, 0.34%; and Iberdrola, 0.31%.

Grifols stands out by dropping 0.77%; followed by PharmaMar, 0.73%.

In the continuous market, DIA’s rights plummet 19.24%, while Prim rises 7.76%.

In the debt market, the yield on the ten-year Spanish bond fell to 0.33%, with the risk premium at 74 basis points.

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