The transfer of Bryan Gil to Tottenham, very close to closing

07/22/2021 at 12:20 CEST

The handover of Bryan gil Tottenham, about to be finalized, will set a new sales record for Sevilla. The forward will become the youth squad whose transfer has generated the most benefits, above Sergio Ramos Y Jose Antonio Reyes.

The figures for the transfer of Gil They start from 25 million to which must be added between eight and ten million euros in variables, half of which are easy to comply with, which would put the total of the transfer at about 30 million euros, above the 27 that Real Madrid paid for Bouquets or the 24 that Arsenal paid for Kings.

In addition, the assessment of Erik lamela, which would be around five million euros, which would further trigger the final figure of the transfer, which is already important, but much more so in the context of a precarious market like the current one.

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