“There is no doubt that entering Ceballos is expulsion”

07/22/2021 at 3:21 PM CEST


Dani Olmo, a player for the Spanish national team, criticized the arbitration of the Jordanian referee Adhm Makhadmeh, in the tie against Egypt (0-0), by the entry of Taher mohamed on Dani ceballos and in which, after going to the VAR monitor, he sanctioned with a yellow card instead of a red one.

“The truth is that it seemed a bit strange to me that I went to check and get yellow & mldr; and more watching it. I have seen the photo of the entrance and the ankle of Dani how it was after & mldr; for us there was no doubt that it was grounds for expulsion. Then the criteria is what is & mldr; that we disagree is one thing, but we don’t have to get in there. It’s not an excuse, but it fucks us up because Dani he is an important player just like Oscar MinugezaHopefully they will recover as soon as possible & rdquor ;, he said at a press conference.

“They are fine. From Dani Hopefully the inflammation will decrease a bit and I can train soon and be available. Oscar He has noticed a discomfort in the hamstrings, but we do not know anything else; We hope it is not serious and that it can be available soon & rdquor ;, he commented.

A Dani Olmo who made self-criticism of the team’s game: “It is clear that it was not what we wanted. We were going to win as always. We knew that they were going to lock themselves in the back and that they were going to defend themselves. We had to play as usual, attacking at all times, we lacked a bit of verticality, but that is good, inside the bad of the tie, there are things to improve and that is what we are going to work on these days & rdquor ;, he analyzed.

And also, when asked about his individual performance: “The sensations are now hotter than normal. They are not very good after the tie. Individually I should have dared a little more, face the defenders and offer myself more between the lines, but those are individual aspects and I always make self-criticism of everything I do. That is the way to continue growing and with the coach and coaching staff we will continue to correct mistakes and improve, he declared.

Of course, he left a positive message: “We are optimistic. We are confident in what the group can achieve. Things have not turned out as well as they should, but we continue to trust us & rdquor ;, he assured.

Finally, he commented that they are not heavy on the favorites and that they will win on Sunday against Australia: “You can think that we are favorites because we have players of a lot of quality and renown at the Spanish and European level, but we don’t think about that; just to show in each game that we want to aspire to the maximum. We want to win every game and on Sunday we are going to prove it & rdquor ;, he concluded.

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