They apply first dose for thirty-somethings

MEXICO CITY. It was the closest thing to entering a music festival: the line of cars led to the parking lot and those summoned on foot moved agile between fences. All with ticket in hand, ready for some fun.

The attitude and euphoria led to more than one taking photos at the entrance, alone or with a friend or partner.

The access, however, was not to the Palacio de los Deportes or the Foro Sol, it was about the arrival of millennials to the High School 5 to receive your first dose of the covid-19 vaccine, in this case from AstraZeneca.

The ticket consisted of the completed and printed vaccination record, plus the voter ID.

Those who got stuck, as in the screening filters for psychotropic substances or weapons at concerts, were those who did not have complete data on their sheet, which is obtained at

Indeed, a loudspeaker with sufficient output watts put the atmosphere in the rhythm of Maps with the Yeah yeah yeahs.

The tour was completed between gyms and high school hallways, with more speakers, each one playing different bands, like different festival tents.

From admission to the moment of taking a seat in the observation area after the vaccine, everything happened between the aforementioned song, Empire State Of Mind, with Jay Z and Alicia Keys, and Tonight, by Panteón Rococó.

In 25 minutes, the vaccinated people left the school located in Calzada del Hueso, Coapa, Tlalpan mayor’s office.

Your 2nd is missing. dose, ”a sign warned.

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