They filter videos where the ex-partner of José Manuel Figueroa assures that he was humiliated and beaten by the singer

Jose Manuel Figueroa He has a reputation as a querendón and as a puncher.

Farina Chaparro, who is her ex-partner, revealed that she was humiliated and beaten by the singer.

It was in the program “Sale el Sol” where two recordings were released in which the singer and his ex-girlfriend can be seen confronting each other; she even points out that he hit her on the neck within 10 minutes of arriving home.

Everything indicates that it is not the first time something like this has happened, because she tells him that he always humiliates her and makes her feel bad when they are together.

“So crying I want you to record me, I’m tired of every humiliation, I have seven hours here and you have not stopped humiliating me. You did this to me within ten minutes of arriving, ”Farina is heard saying.

On the other hand, Joan Sebastian’s son responded with a video in which he says that it is the best Tik tok he has seen.

“Don’t be mad, but if I don’t say this, my fans are going to make fun of me. This is the best TikTok I’ve ever seen ”, Figueroa mockingly expresses while she mentions thatcan no longer“.

So far, the singer has not given any statement.

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