They will give one more month of life to outsourcing companies


There will be an extraordinary period next week, in order to address the proposal to extend, 30 more days, the deadline for the entry into force of various provisions of the reform on subcontracting, reported Senator Ricardo Monreal.

At a press conference, the leader of the Morena senators said that, if the majority of the Permanent Commission decides, in that same period of extraordinary sessions the appointments that the Senate has pending could also be discussed.

To an express question about the extraordinary period to deal with the cases of lawlessness of the deputies Saúl Huerta, accused of sexual abuse of minors, and Mauricio Toledo, accused of illicit enrichment, he stated that it will be the Permanent Commission who will define the issues that are will board.

In my opinion, that topic should be touched upon, ”he said.

He clarified that Morena does not protect anyone and less pedophiles and rapists or criminals.

Ricardo Monreal specified that his proposal to postpone the entry into force of various provisions contained in the decree on outsourcing, intends to allow individuals and legal entities that carry out this activity to register in a timely manner with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

He indicated that he decided to present this proposal, after having listened to and held meetings with business organizations that use outsourcing and that requested a legislative alternative to extend the term, which expires on August 1.


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