To go for a walk or to the mountains, the best electric bikes

The importance of sensors

For an electric bicycle to continue to be considered a bicycle in road terms, the motor can only work when we pedal. That is: the motor should stop working as soon as we stop hitting the pedals.

And for that, electric bikes have torque or pedaling sensors, which allows you to recognize whether someone is pedaling or not.

The pedal sensor will be fixed on the bike speed to recognize pedaling, while the torque sensor will try to calculate the force being exerted on the pedal.

Regulation for electric motor bicycles

Something that you should also know and take into account for circulate on public roads is the regulation on electric bicycles. It’s about the European Directive 2002/24 / CE, which basically defines the characteristics that every electric bicycle on European soil must meet.

The board also controls the maximum power of these vehicles, as well as the top speed. So if you don’t want to commit any driving offenses, you better take a look at the law.

How do I recharge the battery of my electric bike?

Many bicycles have a removable battery, so we will only have to connect it to a current of about 220V to recharge it. Others, however, need a charging station.

What is the maximum speed that an electric bicycle reaches?

In general, the speed that an electric bicycle reaches will oscillate between 25 and 45 km / h. It will depend, to a large extent, on its design and aerodynamics, but, above all, on the power of its engine.

Front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

If you are hesitating between a front or rear wheel drive electric bike, tell yourself that the front one looks for greater stability, while the rear one looks for strength and power. Depending on the type of cyclist you are and the use you will give your vehicle, you will prefer one drive or another.

Can you ride an electric bicycle even if it has a flat battery?

Although when pedaling it will not feel exactly the same as a bike of a lifetime, the truth is that nothing prevents you from riding it with the engine unloaded. Think that the motor only assists us during pedaling, adding strength and speed to the bike. It is not a component that you need to be able to circulate on public roads.

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