Victoria Ruffo touches the networks with a photo of when José Eduardo Derbez was a child

“What a beautiful photo,” he wrote Africa Zavala; Ariadne Diaz he just shared the emoji of a face with heart eyes; Mane de la Parra commented: “Pure beauty ma”; Adriana fonseca highlighted: “How beautiful”, while Aracely Arambula indicated: “How beautiful my Vicky”.

The loyal fans of Victory They were not left behind and in the thread of comments they applauded how tender mother and son look in the photograph, but above all how small he was Jose Eduardo.

“What an impact, Jose Eduardo He was a little baby “,” Beautiful “,” Linda “,” Beautiful image between mother and son “,” I can’t with so much tenderness “,” What a beautiful photo “,” A whole prince “,” Always a handsome man since I was little “,” I love seeing them together, “noted the users.

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