Vitalik Buterin makes a curious cameo in Kutcher and Kunis’s ‘Krypto’ video






Source: screenshot from a video, Youtube / Ashton and Mila

As if 2021 wasn’t weird enough by now, weirdness just went up to 11 in a disconcertingly weird video on crypto, blockchain, and Ethereum (ETH) from actor couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, and with a deadpan appearance from the co-founder. of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.

On Twitter, Australian crypto consultant Rory Highside labeled the video a “commercial” for ETH, and a “somewhat embarrassing” at that.

Kutcher and Kunis, who co-starred in the hit TV series “That ’70s Show,” shared the video on their social media channels and called it Episode 1 of a new series called “Kutcher Kitchen Talks.”

With possibly the most striking pink capped caption of all time, clearly created in a smartphone video editing app as an afterthought, the “production team” announced that the episode was titled “Krypto with Kunis.”

The duo appear to have shot the low-budget video to draw attention to Kunis’s non-fungible token (NFT) series, “Stoner Cats,” an animated series that is only accessible to buyers of their NFT line. However, there is nothing in the video about the series, and only a brief mention of the NFTs. It is only the URLs and accompanying “Stoner Cats” hashtags that lead to believe that there is some kind of link between the video and the project. Maybe we’re overthinking this, possibly it’s not something the Kutcher and Buterin clan were guilty of when it came to making this video.

The concept behind the video revolves around Kutcher asking Kunis a series of questions about cryptoassets, such as, “Hey babe, what is crypto?”

Kunis, leaning against a wall, offers a series of short answers, while Kutcher then goes on to question her about blockchain, decentralization… and then ETH.

Next (oh, spoiler alert, by the way), Kutcher, the actor and director of this 1 minute 51 second production, takes his phone away from Kunis and directs it toward a table where Buterin is sitting. The Ethereum co-founder then proceeds to give an eloquent but wordy and somewhat technical explanation of the network. Then Kutcher tries to keep a straight face as he delivers the punchline:

“Well that makes sense!”

And there the video ends, almost as abruptly and with as little fanfare as it began.

There. We have ruined it for you. Or maybe it saved you the ordeal of having to see it yourself.

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A YouTube commenter evidently unfamiliar with the world of cryptocurrencies wrote:

“The guy explaining at the end. I legit was like WHHHHHAAAAAT ????? LOL”

The Twitter pranksters came out in full force.

Because Kutcher was in that movie, right? “Dude, where is my car?” No matter.

Another joked: “I thought Vitalik had said that he was not going to be an advisor on any more projects.”

Kutcher and Kunis are well-known proponents of crypto and began buying bitcoin (BTC) in 2013, according to their own admission, although Kutcher stated in May that Kunis was originally against the idea.

Earlier this year, a Kutcher company hosted an NFT funding competition with famous judges, including Kutcher himself, along with Snoop Dogg and Mark Cuban.
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