What are Twitter votes and how can it affect tweets?

The company has introduced buttons for users to express the relevance of the posts

Negative votes will not be displayed publicly

Twitter has started the iOS trial of new options for users to vote on the relevancy of a post with new interaction buttons that include one to indicate they have not been convinced, similar to a ‘Dislike’ button despite the fact that the company assures that it is not.

The interaction buttons that Twitter has introduced on iOS They present different designs depending on the user who sees them as it is a proof, as the company has reported in its Support profile.

The company hopes that people vote the relevance of a response for a publication, to continue working on new systems that allow to show more content considered relevant by users.

Designs are shown in pairs: one pair includes two circles, one with a positive sign (+) and a negative sign (-). Another pair shows as positive the heart of Me Gusta and keeps the circle with the negative sign, while the third pair consists of the thumb voting: up if relevant and down if not.

The company details that in the metrics of the tweets negative votes will not be displayed publicly, while positives will appear in the ‘Like’ count. Interaction with these buttons will not change the order in which the responses appear.

Twitter has clarified that although there is a button to indicate that an answer is not relevant for the conversation (with a negative sign or the thumbs down), it is not a button to indicate ‘I don’t like it’.

However, This new button has already set off alarms among users who predict a use similar to that seen on platforms such as YouTube, where campaigns have been organized to harass or boycott content through negative votes.

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