What woman is our Latin Beauty looking for now?

. Will our Latina Beauty look for a woman with perfect measurements this year?

Since the reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina was released in 2007, one of the complaints of many “real world” women was that the show did not accommodate all kinds of figures, but became for years a program that it reproduced the concept of the false perfection of the woman, giving opportunity mainly to slender young people, who had to do everything possible to have toned bodies.

Osmel Sousa himself, president of the judges’ table for 10 seasons, used to make fun of those women who according to him were overweight, and who did not coincide with the “perfect” female prototype that he had been training for years as a coach of the Miss Venezuela.

At home, many women felt underappreciated, when the Beauty Czar said in a cruel and offensive way that those women with curves or those he called “chubby” had to change their physique, if they wanted to have a chance at the pageant.


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But luckily things turned around with the reality show’s 11th season, which turned out to be more inclusive, and chose a diverse group of contestants. Even some participants who in the eyes of Osmel at another time could not have been there, got their pass, such as the winner herself, Migbelis Castellanos, who was a constant victim of Osmel’s attacks, when she represented Venezuela in Miss Universe.

And just when there are only two months until the famous reality show returns to the screen, followers of the program and women in their homes wonder if in what will be season 12, the Univisión show will continue with the same line that it followed in its last edition, or if she will fall back into the false stereotypes of the perfect woman.


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The good news is that Nuestra Belleza Latina continues to understand that the beauty of women is precisely in their uniqueness, in the form that each person has, without anyone having to respond to specific patterns that society imposed for years and that they have done a lot. hurt.

In a statement about the program, Univisión not only responded directly about what type of woman they seek to crown this 2021, but also said out loud that they will fight against stereotypes, something that the program itself promoted for 10 seasons.


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“NBL is for all women and above all women. She will accompany the contestants in their inspiring experiences and reveal their fears and joys when they represent the true beauty of Latinas, inside and out, ”said Univision, speaking about what Nuestra Belleza Latina will be in its 12th season.


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“Nuestra Belleza Latina aims to find the most talented and driven Hispanics in the United States, who will compete to break the stereotypes of beauty in society.”

The changes that the show continues to announce have delighted audiences, who are looking forward to the show’s return in September, when Migbelis Castellanos will deliver his crown.

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