What your face says about your sex life

The results

Men who were open to casual sex generally had longer faces, higher foreheads, longer noses, and larger eyes., found the team. Additionally, women accurately identified these male facial features as indicators of men’s interest in casual sex.

“This is a really valuable skill, as it would allow women to make subconscious decisions about which men would be suitable for them, according to the goals of their relationship, “the authors explain.

The men were not so accurate for these interpretations. They mistakenly perceived smaller, graceful female faces with smaller eyes and smaller lips as an indicator of women’s openness to casual sex. But it was not so.

In summary, the study results suggest that Women are good at correctly identifying the physical characteristics of men that indicate interest in a one-night stand, but not the other way around.

“When we are looking for a new partner, we may be looking for different things “said Ian Stephen, a co-author of the study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. “Sometimes we may be looking to form a lasting relationship, but other times we may just be looking for an affair. We decided to see if people’s intentions could be revealed by their faces.”

Why are women better than men at recognizing this attitude?

The researchers tried to answer this question with the help of artificial intelligence, designing an algorithm that would make these kinds of judgments. The result? The AI ​​could make accurate predictions about men’s relationship intentions from their faces, but not from women.

“We think this points to a role for testosterone,” says Joseph Antar, a co-author of the work. As testosterone plays a less relevant role in female development, it would explain why men, and not even AI, are good at recognizing the socio-sexuality of female faces.

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