Willy Hernangómez, on vacation with his ex, the influencer Lola Lolita

Many athletes take advantage of the end of some competitions to enjoy the first days of rest and return home. It is the case of the NBA player, Willy Hernangómez, who in recent days is enjoying his vacation in Mallorca and in the last hours his company has transcended precisely. A bad move from social networks would be the reason why the New Orleans Pelicans player has been hunted with his ex-partner, the renowned influencer ‘Lola Lolita’.

Together at the end of 2020

It is not the first time that both share a scene in a ‘TikTok’ video, although this last time it was not intentional and has given rise to all kinds of rumors. Willy Hernangómez and Lola Lolita began a relationship at the end of 2020 precisely confirming the rumors after going out in a video of this social network together. However, it seems that their relationship did not come to fruition since the influencer boasts of a new partner for some time on social networks, something for which he has precisely missed the last appearance of the NBA in one of his videos.

The latest publications of Lola Lolita on her social networks have another protagonist who is not Willy Hernangómez. He is also an influencer Isaac Belik is the one with whom the renowned influencer has maintained a relationship since recent months and of whom many have remembered after her reunion with the basketball player. It was not exactly the appearance of Willy Hernángomez in the corner of one of his latest videos on ‘TikTok’ that has motivated the reconciliation rumors.

Apparently, the influencer has deleted all the publications in which she appeared with Isaac Belik in recent months and that, added to this commented video, has motivated precisely that in the last hours social networks Talk about a possible break with him and a possible sentimental return between Willy Hernangómez and Lola Lolita. Undoubtedly, both have spent a few days off in Mallorca that the influencer has already ended, who in the last hours was flying back to Madrid.

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