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Wilmarie Negrón is not only considered one of the strongest athletes to win the fifth season of EXATLON United States, but she has also been noted on the reality show for her controversial attitude.

Although her loyal followers defend her, there are those who label her as presumptuous and recently even accused her of having made fun of her eternal rival, Norma Palafox.

And in a dialogue she had with the show’s co-host, Chelly Cantú, the Puerto Rican athlete openly confessed what it means to her to be in EXATLON.

The Puerto Rican, who is a nurse by profession, answered a question sent to her by one of her fans, and there she assured that the Telemundo program is a dream come true, which she hopes to win.

“Being in Exatlon is an immense adrenaline. It is the dream, I believe, of every athlete. Since I saw the first season, I visualized myself here. I worked hard for it, ”the contestant athlete revealed to the winner of the first season of EXATLON, in a clip shared by Telemundo.

Wilmarie also mentioned that every time she is in a circuit, she puts into practice the advice and principles that were instilled in her home, showing that she is also a woman of faith.

“In my house they taught me that if you work with your heart, and yearn for (something), and God is always ahead, everything comes true,” added the blue athlete.

The 31-year-old Puerto Rican, who has also shone in other sports competitions, took the moment to make a call to her followers and even those who criticize her, and asked not only that they continue to support her at all times, but also gave her word. once again that he will leave his heart and soul in every trial he has to face on the show.

“And I take advantage… I tell all my fans to support me and believe in me. Believe in me. I swear, I am going to give you absolutely everything … this Puerto Rican promises, “warned the young athlete.

The Telemundo show also shared on its networks a beautiful photograph in which Wilmarie is seen in full action in marksmanship, precisely against Norma Palafox.

“The first women’s race ended with the blue point, scored by Wilmarie,” commented the Exatlon page, where those who did not pass it mentioned that Palafoux won the second.

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