World Dog Day: Celebrities whose love for dogs is so great it shows

We brought together some celebrities who love animals so much that they are able to infect everyone with their enthusiasm.

Jennifer Aniston He has repeatedly uploaded photographs to his social networks where Clyde, his dog, appears, hinting at the love he feels for his pet.

The supermodel Alessandra ambrosio He has a best friend with whom to make his days more fun. She has an inseparable companion in her life. It is about your dog, which has already become a member of the family.

The love of Emily Ratajkowski by Colombo is not a secret. The duo and their walks have become a radar to anticipate the trends of the season.

Orlando Bloom He was filled with happiness for the birth of his first daughter and he was also experiencing one of the worst moments of his life when he had to fire his pet Mighty. The death of his dog plunged him into an enormous sadness that he now healed with the adoption of a new dog. Katy and Orlando they show off their sensitive side and love their pet Buddy, who they treat like just another child.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes They adopted together a dog that they have named Tarzan, thus following a tradition that the singer started in 2019, according to which she will always choose names of Disney characters for her pets. The two artists have decided to take such an important step in their relationship as taking care of a puppy together after spending the period of confinement together in Camila’s mansion in the city.

If there is something to Paris hilton she likes more than a pink dress and a good party is her little dogs. The ‘celebrity’, ‘Dj’, businesswoman is known for the love she feels for animals, so much so that she has about 30 pets. But the ones who are undoubtedly their spoiled babies are their dogs.

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