Boxing | Olympic Games: Spanish boxing wants the medal for KO: “The danger is us”

Spanish boxing has already released the first blow in the ring of the Tokyo Kokugikan Arena. A direct to the jaw of his rivals in the form of confidence for trying to get a medal that returns national boxing to an Olympic podium that he has not stepped on since he did it Rafa Lozano, current President of the Federation, in Sydney 2000.

Gabriel Escobar and Enmanuel Reyes, next to Jos Quiles and Gazi Jalidov , will be in charge of trying to get the precious metal. And they do not lack the confidence to do so as Reyes pointed out before their first duel.

The boxer of Cuban origin has had the difficult part of the -91 kilos box – he starts against the Kazakh Vasili Levit– although he has already warned all his opponents: “For me it is the best box I have. It is the side where the great boxers are, but you have to have respect for me. I am a danger for them, not them for me. danger is me “.

It is the side where the great boxers are, but you have to have respect for me. I am a danger to them, not them to me

Enmanuel reyes

Escobar has been waiting a year for an appointment for which he is more prepared than ever and in which he appears in the group of candidates for the final medal. The boxer from Madrid will make his debut against the Argentine Ramn Quiroga in a fight that has been marked on his calendar since 2020 and for which he is now more prepared: “The postponement took it well. It suited me better. That way I am more focused and I have one more year of preparation. “

Enmanuel Reyes Pla (“Call me whatever you want when I win the medal”, I joke) has not had an easy road from leaving Cuba to arriving in Tokyo. Maybe that’s why his confidence is through the roof, because he knows what it takes to get there: “The road is hard. We have come here with sacrifice, but what happened was not in vain. Now we are here and we are going for the gold. ”

That is the final goal, a medal and if it is at the top of the drawer, all the better. “Now we only have to get into the ring and start hitting. The preparation has gone well and we have to have confidence, as our coach says,” says Escobar, who closed the appearance with another blow to the chin of his rivals: “We have already beaten the best in the world and we are prepared to beat anyone”.

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