Handball | Olympic Games: Spanish handball, excited about the medals: “Maximum respect for all rivals, but we dream big”

Updated 07/22/2021 – 02:25

This Friday I woke up in Tokyo with the press conference of our handball players. Spain will face Germany, while the girls will play it against Sweden in the first game of these Olympic games. Ral Entrerros and Carmen Martn They were in charge of offering their impressions.

Alexander White He started offering a message to the national players: “Ral, you can play more and better than you are playing and leading the team. Carmen, for your part, don’t give us scares. Try to get the great player in you. Jordi and Carlos, Spanish handball represents the best of our sport. I wish you all the best, for sure you will go very far. “

“We are inside the Villa and, as we are used to living with this type of covid measures, it does not surprise us too much. The dynamics is similar,” said Ral regarding the strange atmosphere of these Games. Something that secund Georgina: “It has been a very complicated year for everyone and we cannot stop being careful. In any case, this Villa is similar to the rest.”

Regarding the objectives, both agreed that the important thing is “to go from day to day, you cannot think how far you have to go. We would like to be in the fight for the medals, but we know that it is very difficult because it is a very compressed competition. with a lot of good teams. ” The two, despite their humility, dream “big” for this Olympic event.

All rivals are tough

Both Entrerros and Martín, who consider that the year of difference with respect to the date of the Games “is noticeable”, believe that “you should not look at a single rival because they are all very complicated in a tournament where everyone has worked very well” . Ral, who had to postpone his retirement to be in these Games, hopes to say goodbye through the front door: “We are going to fight for the maximum.” The path of both combined will start in the next few hours.

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