It was Roda Nonstop, the 100% Val d’Aran queen test closes successfully


On at 17:03 CEST

Last Saturday was celebrated VII EraRoda Non stop with departure and arrival in Vielha, with a record participation of more than 350 participants.

Era Roda Non Stop is a test that takes place in 2 distances , with the intention of accommodating the best prepared bikers on the national scene and for those who also enjoy a medium or high physical shape depending on the pace and technical capabilities.

Era Roda is celebrated in a privileged destination, the Val d´Aran, with very Swiss landscapes full of rivers or alpine meadows, with wet paths between forests of large firs and beech trees. It is known for its hardness deserved by the route full of trails suitable for all levels of riding with some points more technical than others but designed for everyone to enjoy without having to suffer setbacks.

In this edition, 4 great NEWS have been offered:

1. ERA RODA NONSTOP selected as one of the prestigious events of the National BTT circuit “101 IronBike Series & rdquor ;.

2. 2 distances: Ultramarathon 120 km and 4600 d + Marathon 55 km with 2100 d +, in GPS navigation format and marked out in urban areas and key points of the route; together with a Covid 19 action protocol that made a great difference from previous years, especially to guarantee the personal safety of the participants and their companions:

3. Change in departure and arrival location that was done in Vielha, and its route totally modified in the direction of its movement from other editions, with different distances and slopes, and highly compensated between up and down very fun, suitable for all types of cyclists.

4. And a UPGRADE of services. Most importantly, that of SAFETY. Each runner has had an individualized GPS tracking UNIT, and both the organization and the companions have been able to see the runner’s location at all times. In this way, control, monitoring and timing have been guaranteed. The number of categories and prizes was also notably increased and a new category has even been created for e-Bikes with 650 kW and thus there were no disputes for those who still enjoy 500 kW.


Male Ultramarathon Oriol Colomé with a time of 6h32 ‘and second Marc casanova with a time of 6:40 in the female category:, Marta Riba with a time of 9:50 and second Celia Ruiz with a time of 11:49 ‘, in the Ultramarathon for Male couples: Dream team with a time of 8:05 ‘and a second Peta Z with a time of 8h31 ‘in mixed pairs of Ultramarathon: Dynamite Couple with a time of 11h18 ‘. In the Men’s Marathon category: Guillermo Estany with a time of 3h07 ‘, second Miquel Herrasti with a time of 3h18 and in Women: Marta Ballus with a time of 3h52 ‘and second Esther tuset with a time of 4h28 ‘. At Marathon Ebike: Jesus Santamaria with a time of 3h17 ‘and second Jordi Arumí with a time of 3h27 ‘

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