Olympic Games 2021: Nicols Maduro denounces the blocking of payment to see the Games in Venezuela

Updated 07/22/2021 – 01:28

The president of Venezuela, Nicols Maduro, denounced this Wednesday that, Due to the economic sanctions against his Government, the payment to broadcast the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the Caribbean country was blocked. that start on Friday.

“Venezuela paid the rights for the transmission of the Tokyo 2020 Games and, now, the financial persecution of the banks prevents the organizing commission from collecting money from Venezuela,” Maduro said during a government act broadcast by the Venezuelan state channel. Television (VTV).

As detailed, in At this moment, the Minister of Sports, Mervin Maldonado, is in Japan, “managing to free up the resources so that Venezuela can receive the television image satellite broadcast of the Olympic Games and can be enjoyed for free by anyone who wants to see the Tokyo 2020 Games “.

Venezuela paid the rights for the transmission and the financial persecution of the banks prevents the organizing commission from collecting the money

Nicols Maduro, President of Venezuela

Bank and financial prosecution

For this reason, he asked the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, “to denounce this banking and financial persecution 24 hours a day. against the right of Venezuelans to receive the signal of the Tokyo Olympic Games for the imperial effort of the United States to pursue all the accounts of Venezuela. “

Venezuela be represented by 43 athletes at Tokyo 2020, a delegation smaller than that of Rio de Janeiro in 2016, where the representation had 87 competitors and obtained two silver and one bronze medals, while 109 athletes attended Beijing 2008.

The jumper Yulimar Rojas and the karateka Antonio Daz They will be the flag bearers of Venezuela in the opening ceremony and they are also two of the greatest medal options that Venezuela has.

Another highlight is the men’s volleyball team, Robeilys Peinado in pole vault or Daniel Dhers in BMX.

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