Spotify and GIPHY want to enhance the integration between music and GIFs

Spotify and GIPHY aim to enhance the integration between the world of music and GIFs. This is clear from the most recent announcement of the streaming music service, which is now integrated with the popular moving image platform. It is clear that we are not facing anything precisely revolutionary, but that it does favor access from one portal to the other.

“No matter how you pronounce it, GIFs are the ultimate visual metaphor. And now, thanks to the partnership between Spotify and GIPHY, music can be part of the equation,” they published in the official statement. What is the much touted integration? In including a button to more easily access the music of certain artists from their profiles in GIPHY.

From now on, when entering the verified profiles of artists in GIPHY we will see that each GIF includes a message with a link to your Spotify page. In this way, then, it is easier to access the music in the wide catalog of the streaming platform.

Spotify and GIPHY, an unthinkable alliance

GIFs on verified artist accounts on GIPHY now have links to their songs on Spotify

For now, this new integration option between both services appears in the accounts of Nicky Minaj, Post Malone, Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Conan Gray and The Kid LAROI. According to Spotify, more artists will offer this possibility in their profile soon. What remains unclear is whether it will continue to be available only to verified accounts on GIPHY, or whether it will be opened to other users.

If this last option is given, perhaps the most attractive part of this alliance between both platforms will be seen. This is based on the fact that lesser known artists could upload their own GIFs to promote their albums, singles or songs. In the case of world famous singers, they can take advantage of GIPHY to share animations of your new video clips and link them to your Spotify profile.

At the moment it is unknown if the alliance between both platforms can provide more options. Recall that the music service added the option to watch videos and visualizations when playing songs. So will there be a place in the future for GIFs within the Spotify app?

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