Why Our Food Pyramid Isn’t The Best

Our food pyramid is designed by the SENC (Spanish Society of Community Nutrition) and barely changed in 20 years, when the nutritional recommendations at the community level have.

The latest version of the food pyramid was launched in 2015 and at its base are still cereals, wholegrain, yes, but cereals, when it is should consist of vegetables, fruits and vegetables. The recommendations that are given in other countries go this way, that of replacing the prominent place that previously was given to carbohydrates by the consumption of foods of plant origin. This does not mean that we eliminate carbohydrates from our dietNot at all, they just won’t be the first to consider.

The pyramid still includes alcoholic beverages, more specifically fermented beverages such as wine and beer, as occasional, moderate and responsible consumption in adults. The truth is that no alcohol consumption should be suggested. Even “moderate”, in small doses, is harmful to health. “Alcohol is one of the three priority areas of global public health. Although only half of the world’s population drinks alcohol, it is the third world cause of ill health and premature death, after low birth weight and unsafe sex, and higher than tobacco. In Europe, alcohol is also the third risk factor for risk of disease and mortality, after tobacco and high blood pressure ”, stated the WHO (World Health Organization) in the report Alcohol in the European Union. Consumption, harm and policy approaches, in 2012. In 2007, the International Agency for Research on Cancer concluded that there was a causal relationship between alcohol consumption and different types of cancer. The negative effects of drinking alcohol far outweigh the small protective effect that light / moderate consumption has on ischemic diseases. The only recommended alcohol consumption should be 0 consumption.

Pastries and processed meat such as chorizo ​​and salami also have their place in this guide, which seeks to serve as a nutritional reference for the general population. They are at the top of the pyramid and their consumption is indicated as optional, occasional or moderate. Industrial bakery is high in sugars, flours and poor quality fats, not recommended. The one made at home may be less bad, than not good, but it will inevitably displace the consumption of healthier and healthier foods such as fruits. Processed meat, meanwhile, can cause colorectal cancer, as reported in 2015 by the WHO. If neither pastries nor processed meat are good for your health, why are they included?

Finally, the emphasis is on the consumption of dairy products (2-3 servings a day), which can lead to think that they are essential in the diet when they are not. In fact, Harvard University, responsible for the acclaimed Harvard Plate dietary guide, recommends limiting your consumption of milk and dairy products to 1-2 servings daily.

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