Pettitte was consistent and decisive in her 18-year career | Focus On Sport / .

A player’s merits for being inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame is one of those intense debates among fans. Especially when comparisons start. These are three pitchers, already immortalized, who were no better than former New York Yankees star Andy Pettitte.

1. Jack Morris

The former Tigers, Twins, Blue Jays and Indians pitcher was on the ballot for 15 years and finally entered Cooperstown in 2018 by the Modern Era Committee. Compared, Morris has a 3.90 ERA, higher than Pettitte’s 3.85. In addition Pettite beat him 256 to 254 in victories. The ex of the Yankees and Astros was more decisive for his teams.

2. Burleigh Grimes

Grimes was a World Series champion (1931) and twice the leader in National League victories (1921, 1928), but overall his stats, especially effectiveness, had many ups and downs. His winning percentage of 43.4 was far from consistent. Plus 36 of his teammates came to the Hall of Fame and that’s amazing because even they couldn’t help him get better numbers.

3. Catfish Hunter

During his first 11 seasons Hunter was one of the best in the league. Between 1971 and 76, he never had an ERA greater than 3.50 and was the leader in American League victories twice (1974-75). But since 1978, battles with arm injuries made him lose strength. His last season was 1979, with a record of 2-9 and 5.31 ERA. Pettitte was consistent throughout her 18-year career. Shouldn’t that count for something?