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Ella Olsson / Pexels

It is common for us to use plastic dishes to store food in the refrigerator, to heat in the microwave and to transport our lunch to work. You may have noticed that this stew with tomato sauce, pasta, mole and others food has left its mark, a stain of color that simple washing with soap and water does not remove.

To eliminate those horrible stains and odors, we share simple tricks that will leave you clean and odorless.


After washing your containers with soap and water, fill to equal parts water and white vinegarLet it rest for a couple of hours. Wash as usual and let them dry.

Don’t worry about the vinegar smell, it disappears.

If you want to reduce the wait to so just a few minutesuse the undiluted vinegar.

Baking soda

Make a thick paste of warm water and baking soda and rub into the container. Let stand overnight and then remove with the sponge; wash as usual.


Rub the lemon juice on the stain, then place it in the sun for 1 day, and then rinse as usual.

More tricks for smells

Newspaper. If your plastic dishes have a bad smell, try storing them with crumpled paper inside for at least one night, although this trick seems strange, Food52 claims it works. Don’t forget to wash with soap and water before using it.

Save them with a pinch of salt. So that your dishes do not keep odors that some foods leave even after washing them, store them with a pinch of coarse salt; when you have to use it just remove the beans.

Exposing your clean dishes to the sun is a natural way to combat odors.


To avoid stains, it is recommended that you wash your fret as soon as possible with hot water and soap. If you are at work and can’t do it, a rinse with water will also help.